D2 deleted my account before 90 days!

I have proof (Saved Games folder) that I logged in 3/11, 3/14, 3/29 and even 2 days ago on 6/13… but Blizzard deleted my Diablo 2 account saying if I didn’t login within 90 days error on login!!! How do I get in touch with support, there doesn’t seem to be an option for D2 even though they still gladly sell it (and I even bought it in March).

Please keep in mind that Blizzard uses only their own server logs, if they exist. Online activity is not saved to your PC and any files on your PC would not count as “proof” of anything.

Thanks for the replies.

I only use battle.net and noticed recently when searching computer for account names that there’s a Saved Games > Diablo II > USEast folder that saves a KEY File, MA0 File and MAP File for each character. No clue what they are and how to open them, but they show dates modified. They’re specifically named each character’s name, so doesn’t that confirm they should only be modified on the date of logining into that character? It seems to go Key, Map, then MA0 file looking at time stamps, and sometimes includes MA1/MA2 files as well.

The thing is, I was intentionally signing into my accounts over the last couple of days to ensure they don’t get deleted. I know for a fact that I logged into this specific account 2 days ago and was able to join games with the characters. My other accounts are fine so it seems odd and like a random mistake was made.

It’s just rough because my mule accounts are fine, yet for some reason one of my best fully geared character’s that I definitely played is the one claiming expired.