[D2] Current Problems of Asia realm


Hi, Classic Team

It’s been two months since the new ladder started and there’s a queue.
It goes up to 3,000 in the evening or weekend when users flock to it, at least under 1,000.

The current situation is anomalous after load balancing is applied.

Right before and immediately after resetting, the queues started to rise after the characters stabilized a month later,
as many characters (bot users) try to create a series of dissipation attempts to catch Uber.

Stan has no queue, but the Asia of ladder has queue or other problems at every flag point.
The desire of many users who enjoy DIA2 in the Asia of ladder now is to play without a queue.

DIA 2 is still the best game loved by many people.
Please be aware of this problem and look forward to improving it.


I do think so.


빨리 해결되서 쾌적한 환경에서 겜을 하고싶습니다


This problem is serious


I absolutely agree it.


plz improve this situation.


저도 얼른 대기열좀 해결 해주었으면 좋겠습니다.
이글을 지지합니다.


I agree.
Please be aware of this problem and look forward to improving it.


It’s serious problem to us . plz


Please pay attention to this issue.


Queue annoyed me. Who enjoys playing Dia2 with queue?


대기열 장난아님 해결좀 해주세요 쾌적한 게임을 위해서


대기열 정말 심각 합니다 해결 부탁 드립니다


빠른 조치 부탁 드립니다. 너무 심각한 문제입니다.


대기열과 렉으로 추억의 게임을 제대로 즐기지 못하고 있습니다.
빨리 해결해서 유저들이 쾌적한 환경에서 좋은 게임을 할수 있도록 해주세요.


대기열 문제 해결좀 해주세요 시디키 정품구매하고 이렇게 불편을 겪어야하는지…


i love dia

room make 3000 wait omg


plz we wanna free sever.


f!u!c!k dIa2!!!11


엄연히 돈주고 산 게임 입니다 아무리 오래된 게임 이지만
팔아먹고 이따위로 관리하는 행태가 가관이네요.
조속히 서버 안정화에 힘써 주시길 당부드립니다