D II Prime Collection


I already have D III. Bought for $19.99.

The D II Collection includes both the D II and all of D III and its expansion.

So I get about $4.99 off just because I have the D III already…

So basically, I paid $74.97 for D III, its expansions, and D II when I bought the D III for a few months back…

People without D III basically get all that I bought for just 59.99.

Kind of not much of a discount and unfair thatnI think and write about (:slight_smile:

Thought I should have received some special treatment just cause I already have the D III but instead I paid more than those who don’t have D III by a hefty amount (:

Don’t buy it then ! play POE

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I like Blizzard and its customer service.

They try to be very nice and make it very just sometimes

So Im just letting them know so they can fix it and makemit more just for other players

And thus people like more and use their products more :stuck_out_tongue: