Customer Support - Account Recovery - Major Issue

Hi - I have been trying desperately to help a friend of mine recover his account so that he can start playing World of Warcraft again. He probably hasn’t played since Wrath of the Lich King. The problem is that he lost access to his original account email (taken by hacker and unable to recover).

He has opened two tickets through the support portal which sent him an email asking for information. He answered the questions and provided (uploaded) supporting documents. Then nothing. No further email. No acknowledgment of receipt. No “sorry we can’t help you”. Absolutely Nothing!

He has no way to “check the status” of his ticket because he can’t log into his blizzard account.

There is no phone number to contact customer support or talk to anyone inside the company.

I am at a loss on how he can recover his account so that he can continue playing characters he put time into once before.

Any suggestions would be welcome.


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Yeah, I’m a Hearthstone player. I had my number stolen, too,After the customer service asked me to submit my ID to verify my identity, there was no reply. I have been waiting for at least four days!I thought I was just waiting,However, it seems that their announcement mentioned that the reply was delayed because of some carnival event.But I’ve waited too long