Cult of saturn: time sacrifice

It seems that Cronus is back in charge of the planet, since the Titanomachy. Hard to say since when, but I would hazard a guess: the fall of Rome.
The Saturnic elite, (“global” elite,) control political, economic, and cultural spheres of influence – and like to use popular culture to plant implicit ‘clues’ or seeds of truth.

If you follow the theme of Diablo in the spirit of comparative mythology, ‘Diablo’ is in fact Cronus. We play the game as antagonists, in reference to the Titanomachy, as primitive humans in mortal combat (war) against him. This is in the time of the Golden Age of Atlantis, precursor to the Great Flood ~12,000 years ago.

The moral of this story is that our playing this game is the very justification for our contemporary enslavement. It is not very serious, almost comedy if not so melancholy. It is not a wholly damning sentence.

Another Saturnic game playing on this theme is ‘X-Com 2’.

The punishment of ‘Queue’, chalked up to incompetence, seems rather in fact a sacrifice of time, (Cronus being associated with time, and historically demanding of sacrifice.)

I hope this isn’t immediately deleted, but instead sent up into the higher echelons of the company.