Country Change. Almost 5 days waiting

I first opened my account at the beginning of Overwatch 1. I played from Australia, eventually moved to Norway for my wife and just continued to play on that account no problem. All my years of gaming has been on that account, never even thought to change regions because I never had to. Until this SMS stuff started.
Long story short. I submitted a ticket almost 5 days ago with all of the information they have asked for / could need, and it still hasn’t even been replied to. The ticket is still open and there has been absolutely no activity at all.
I get there is a lot going on for them, but reading around… other people with the same issue have had theirs resolved, so why not mine? Guess I’m just unlucky…again.

The whole system of changing your country is so messed up. The automatic system is completely fake. It asks me questions about Hearthstone, which I have never even played. It asks me when my first Wow character / account was created. I’ve tried entering several times what I think is correct but I can clearly see no load attempt happens after I enter anything, it just automatically goes to the ticket system.

Well, seems like I won’t be playing. Guess I should have wrote down the date of when I made my first WoW character right? lol or changed it 6 years ago to prepare for this… just unreal.


Hey man,

I’m going through the exact same problem right now cause I wanna play OW2 and it seems like the support team isn’t responding at all.

Would hate to create a new account and lose all my progress all because their system for changing regions is extremely tedious, hoping for the best for you

Ticket times are around a week right now due to a huge backup. Wrath release for WoW, ban waves, account access, transfers, country changes, etc.

That is not normal. Normally they run around 24-48 hours or less.

Hopefully they can get to your ticket soon.

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I’ve been 4 days waiting for my ticket to be responded, This is going to be a sh1t show again…

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we will have to wait. It’s been 2 weeks without a response from Blizzard… If it takes so long to change a number or country, then what’s left for me, that my account was stolen. Anyway, let’s hope this service improves

We should bring all these country change issues up front in here, they should really do something about this

Same as OP, moved countries. It’s weird they haven’t fully automated this with a dropdown list or something like that. And allow 1 change every X months and THEN only then if you need to change again before X months, then you open a ticket.

They might have not anticipated this, since it usually took 2 days max for the change. Let’s hope they change that part of the system (for their sake and ours).

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Same problem here, I was so happy to play OW2 on Xbox with my friend. Try to play, have to use a account. Ok I remember I have one from way back. Reset password, link Xbox account (can’t be changed for 365 days it says) easy. Think I’m good to go. Try to play, no you must add phone number. OK no problem, but then I can’t change the country code. I made my acc back when I was studying in the Netherlands, but I’ve been back in Germany for ever. Can’t change the country at all, have to upload a bunch of stuff and now I’m just waiting? Terrible system, I work I was going to play today.

If I had known the what a kafkaesque system was behind this (that makes life harder for blizzard support and us) I’d have just made a new account and linked that to my xbox account. The questions that I have to answer before the upload ticket page are rediculous. I don’t know if I ever played Wow, and I only played Hearthstone for a tiny bit. Asking what packs I opened recently, I haven’t logged in to this acc. for years. Who comes up with these impossible questions?

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Now I see people saying ticket waiting times are a week+, I’ll never get to Try OW2 at this pace.

I am also waiting on my ticket it says open for past 2 days. Anyone can tell me the guideline to upload an ID proof. I have been waiting to play wz 2

Here you go.

Wait times are still longer than they should be right now, so hopefully they get to you soon.