Couldn't link other account with full version COD:MW to my actual Activision account

Hello there,

I’ve tried to link my new account to my Activision account BUT I COULDN’T do it - and now I can’t even try it for second time, because it’s locked… BUT there was no change actually… I’ve COD:MW full version on that other account (2), and progress - on the actual linked one (1).

Please, help me, support is not responding to my tickets. I want to have COD:MW on my main account. I have access to both of my e-mails - I have them for 8 years already. I can’t relink them, so either help me with the linking thingy activation (because IT DIDN’T WORK as it was mentioned it should) or just transfer this COD:MW game from second acc to my main one so I can play in peace.

Not mentioning I was buying COD points on my main account. I feel like nobody wants to help me with this problem - it is very sad & and truly disappointing.

And I thought that Blizzard is making up for recent failures. I shouldn’t trust in those systems never again.


Did you receive any help on this? I’m trying to transfer my progress to another account too

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hey guys i know this isnt going to help youse but i need help im trying to link a different account on my blizzard account but everytime i click link it automatically logins to my previous account that was linked and i dont know what to do

same here any help
same here any help