Could a staff member please help me, can't connect to bnet D2

I’ve seen this as a common issue, no idea why it’s happening to so many people. I updated my OS on my laptop and could no longer log in to D2, and recently got a desktop which with a fresh install had the same issue. The moment I try to get online, I get the error “You were disconnected etc.”
This is my favorite game, please somebody help. I’ve been unable to play for the past year or so and really want to jump in the next ladder.


I would recommend the first time you run the game to right-click and select: Run As Administrator. If the issue continues it may be related to the new Operating System configuration. This is an older game so it’s more likely anti-virus or routers may block it.

Your ISP or Router manufacturer can assist with making sure the TCP ports are properly forwarded: 6112 and 4000

Make sure any anti-virus or the Windows firewall is fully setup to exclude the game.

Thank you!

I’ve allowed the program through all ports, gave exceptions in firewall and antivirus, and forwarded both ingoing and outgoing ports 4000 and 6112. Every time it will get up to checking the version, then disconnect me no matter what I do.


Sorry about the confusion I somehow missed this in my first go around when checking out your account. Connecting via a VPN, Proxy, or business class ISP can temporarily restrict the account which occurred in this case. These restrictions can last between 2 weeks to 30 days. We can not provide the exact time frame when it will lift. I recommend to try again in just over 2 weeks.

More information on this can be found at the top of our forums Here or Here.

Thank you.

You can see those sorts of details? I’ve had temp bans in the past but all in the form of realm downs, and the errors on those page don’t match up with my “You have been disconnected from bnet please reconnect”
If you’re seeing that it’s an issue with my internet connection, I don’t understand, as it was fine about a year ago.

I just purchased the d2 and lod cd keys created a new blizzard account and installed both and it goes straight to checking versions without even asking for account info could someone please tell me what is going on with my situation?

Do you then get disconnected? If so, welcome to the issue that loads of people have been having. The only case I’ve seen solved required some rather extensive methods.

What methods were those it’s kinda maddening not being able to have access to the game I paid to play?

A staff member and an ISP provider had to work together to figure out the IP address that was being blocked by the servers, or something along those lines that made it absolutely impossible to solve on the client end. Kinda why this “Oh just wait two weeks and try again” reply is frustrating, I’ve had this issue for over a year. I’m no developer so I have no idea how complicated this issue is, but the fact it’s been so prevalent for so long I’m shocked it hasn’t been figured out.

Lmao I love how you people treat d2 as a online only game it’s not. it’s a single player game with the “ Option “ to go online we did not pay for online blizzard dose so if it don’t work play sp you/us dose not “pay to play” online you payed for the game not b net

@Zuvykree is there a way that you could check on the status of my friends account? Or his IP to see why he has been unable to connect to the game in over a month now? I thought the ban length was 14-30 days? This is ridiculous.

I will be checking with my ISP when I’m back from vacation, I’m sure the issue is that it’s considered business class as I have no issue here. Does this mean I have no way to play online from my home? I hope that’s not the case, I’ll miss the ladder climbs.

This is bullcrap!!! Banned for two Fing weeks…Whatever. You guys need more money Blizzard, you guys want botters to pay for more cd keys. Really looks like people have to have more than 1 ip address to play Diablo 2 happily. F’d up really. To restrict ban on every realm too? Wow…Again Blizzard is desperate.

CrossMatrix is my account name on Diablo 2 USEast classic Ladder…Be really nice if you guys untagged my IP…