CORS Error oauth2

Hello !

I want to develop an application using the Blizzard API.

I wrote some code for the backend to use oauth2 blizzard authentication. After that I started the frontend. But when I tried to call the backend I got a cors error.

I wrote a stack overflow post with more informations.

I don’t know why and how solve my problems :cry:

Thank you for your help

The stack :

  • Spring boot for the backend
  • React for the frontend

I have the exact same issue (Angular + Spring boot)… Did you managed to resolve this?

You need a back-end for this API. You can’t request data directly from your front-end as that would require you to store the access_token or the credentials on the client-side and that is a violation of the API terms of service.

Once you have a proper back-end you can control the CORS policy in any way you want.