"Copying Data" phase that is 3x Bigger than Actual Update

So whenever I update a game, namely COD Warzone and Cold War Black Ops (I don’t have any others but I assume this would happen on other games too), the first that happens after I start the Update is it showing me “Copying Encoding Table” which is like 12mb and takes maybe 5 seconds, then it goes to a new phase called “Copying Data” which for this specific case is 34GB (my understanding is that the actual update itself is only 10GB), and worst of all, it does not go at my internet speed, which is 400mb/s. It is going at its own unspecified speed which by just counting seems to be about 4mb/s. After the “Copying Data” is done, it goes to the actual download process, which goes at quite a small proportion of my actual internet speed but I know that’s been a permanent Battle.net thing. Nonetheless, the actual download speed goes way faster than the extra large “Copying Data” phase. So why is this happening? Can I disable this somehow or fix it?

I know the first response is going to be check download settings even though this “Copying Data” stage appears to not actually be downloading anything, but yes, my Limit Download Bandwidth tab is off.


I’m having the same issue. Hope someone knows what’s causing this.

same i hate it i wish they will fix it !!