Constantly logged out of account since update

Liking the new battlenet app on my phone instead of stand-alone authenticator. However, since the move, I’ve now constantly been logged out of on other clients.

For example: If I have open on my desktop, and log into the app on my phone, I’m logged out and have to completely re-log in and re-authenticate my desktop logins.

So far this has happened now each time I’ve used the mobile app, and after rebooting my desktop. I have checked the box “remember me on this pc”

Also a nitpick: The “last played” blue played now button is too small and needs to provide some better / clearer feedback once pushed. using the new app on my Steam Deck is a pain with these new tiny buttons.


It seems like when you log into the app on your phone, it kicks you out of on your desktop, and you have to go through the whole login and authentication process again. That must be quite annoying, especially if it happens every time you use the mobile app or reboot your desktop. I understand that you’ve already checked the “remember me on this PC” box, but it doesn’t seem to solve the issue.

Also, I can relate to your nitpick about the “last played” button being too small and not providing clear feedback when you tap it. It can be especially frustrating when you’re trying to use the new app on your Steam Deck and the buttons are tiny. It definitely sounds like a usability issue that could use some improvement.