Constant Un/Re-Install every login

To whom it may concern,

My Battle-Tag is: Elwood1386#1757, World of Warcraft, Server: Stormrage

So, for the past week, every single time I have had to step away from my computer and come back and log in again, the game gets stuck on “logging into game server” until I completely un/re-install, which takes a long time and cuts in on play, which is what I pay for, to begin with. I am an avid play so this is very frustrating. I have tried reinstalling both the game and and the battle desktop app with no success other than the aforementioned un/re-install. My bill is paid, what is going on? It seems there are more issues now than ever. I want to be able to play my game, which is the business you guys are in, not providing us with World of Down-craft. Please respond ASAP. Thank you, and have a great day.

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