Constant reconnections with mobile App

Anytime I switch apps or even change to a different section of the app it constantly has to reconnect, there is no reason that it cannot maintain a connection to the servers, it would take no serious amount of bandwidth less then 5 megs a month worth of bandwidth or less, much less, and if someone could not have that amount available then let it be changed to off or partial like it currently is. Trying to talk to friends and waiting each time to reconnect or get notifications on time when there is this huge delay due to it having to reconnect us very frustrating. Also having it not save the message you are typing when you might get required to switch screens is also very frustrating. Please set an option so it always stays connected and in active memory so it’s always connected.

Please and thank you. :fox_face:

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I was experiencing the same issue on iOS 2 days ago but it was instead an everlasting “Reconnecting…” Everything is up to date, issue was both on wi-fi and cellular data. So I decided to delete and reinstall the app, now I’m stuck on a Line’s Full screen on EU, can log in fine on US but after 100+ tries over the past 48 hours I’ve given up on EU because I always get the same screen telling me Line’s Full. It doesn’t even give you an estimated queue time like it would on desktop, just disconnects you telling you to try again later…

WE NEED A FIX ON THIS ALREADY! Blue post on this thread please…

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