Constant disconnects behind WiFi router

I moved to a dorm in my country, where I am using the the university internet. Without a Wifi router, the Blizzard App and all games work as expected, but when I connect through my WiFi router, the App disconnects for a brief second every few minutes and I get kicked out of all games.
My PC is setup as “exposed host”, so the firewall of the WiFi router doesn’t block traffic. I tried manual port forwarding, before setting the PC as exposed host, but that didn’t work either. Other gaming plattforms like Steam and Origin are not having this problem, so I’m no longer able to play any Blizzard Games, because the WiFi router is needed for my other devices. :confused:
Any idea, what I could try to solve the problem?

Hey, al3xFPS! With this happening with the wifi router, it’s likely a settings or configuration issue. This is beyond what we can assist with as technical support, but I wanted to offer some information to check for in case it may help out.

There’s settings within the router/modem that helps mitigate or prioritize the home network traffic, so one device or connection type could have priority over another that can cause packet (data) loss or latency spikes, resulting in a disconnection.

Check for the following settings in the router and disable any that are enabled:

  • QoS (Quality of Service)
  • WMM (Wireless Multimedia)
  • UPnP (Universal Plug and Play)

The settings for these can vary from depending on the device model. It’s not something that we help with directly because the settings and locations can vary. The router manufacturer can help look for these settings.

Try checking the router’s ports. is a resource that can be used if you aren’t sure about port forwarding.

If it seems to continue, it may be best to contact the router manufacturer to see if they can offer any additional suggestions.