Connection problem with blizzard

I am constantly being logged out of my account after 30 seconds - 5 minutes of just being signed in or going on any of the games for around a week now, I never changed any setting or did anything with it and before that my battle net worked just fine. Not only am I repeatedly getting signed on and off but so is everyone else in my house that has blizzard. It sucks because i ordered cold war and i cant even play it because blizzard hasn’t done anything to fix it yet. I tried everything to trouble shoot this problem it seems like its only a problem that blizzard itself can fix but I’ve only seen 5 or so posts about people having it in the last 3 days and there seems to be no updates or acknowledgement on it.

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Look up the error code. There is a whole bunch of people (including me) having the same problem.

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Same problem here. i buy cod cold war in advance… and i cant play. Last game i buy from blizzard

I have the same problem, it used to happen rarely but now I get blasted off the server as soon as I load in