"Confirm btag ? " - It's possible?

With available API is it possible to confirm if the typed btag is really from the player? I would like to know that from someone.


What do you mean by “confirm” and “typed btag” ?

If you implemented the Sign in with Battlenet button (by using OAuth2 code flow) you will only receive the official battletag. And the user doesn’t have to type anything, they will just authenticate with official bnet servers and grant you some access to their data.

For more information on how to authenticate a user with OAuth2 click here.

So … I’m making an app… college project

I just need to validate if the “battletag” is really from the player.
By doing this authentication (OAuth2), can I take this data (btag) and store it in my database without problems ?

Yes, as long as the user authorizes your app using the OAuth2 flow.

There is no other way to “validate” and you should never ask the user to type their battletag. Just create a button for authorizing with OAuth2 code flow and the data returned is guaranteed to be accurate.

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I’m reading the documentation, but I don’t understand some things, as I don’t have much experience with this.

But I think I can do that.

Thanks for the answers,

Don’t forget to check out the available libraries and also the unoficial discord if you need any more help.