Coltangent - internet disconnects

Sorry Caterperi, please stop spamming ur automated reply , this is what gets spammed by support when anyone mentions this is its total TOSH.

First of Blizzard app is so poorly optimised it has so many errors. i have just freshly installd a new windows on a new formatted hardrive on a gigabit switch and 600gb internet . all checked all running.

Your meesly 11 m/bs per second is now choking my ethernet port out .

11 m/bs is not going to clock up any of my net or bandwith and should not be. it is purely this app.

I am installed BF2042 also. which downloads in 15 mins (yes its like 40gb) while still able to watch youtube, have twitch open etc.

so for you to give this reply blaming peoples network provider is garbage .

i turn all these off and download Warzone and i cant even open up a web page thats how bad it is .

I have a TP link archer AX10 wifi 6 and i am using a wired connection .

there is no way on earth it is my provider as BF2042 download no issues with other apps runnign.

so please go back to your bosses and fix this crappy service we recieve. i do not for the love of me understand how you still have the contract for Call of duty with hundreds of threads on this topic that get closed with the same spammable spiel.

nothing personal its just a kop out.

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