Collector's Edition of DF should Give Epic Digital Code

I truly do not understand why the Collector’s Edition of Dragonflight does not include the Epic Digital Code. Yet purchasing the Epic Edition Digitally (the only version available) you get it. Spending more more means a wait, and spending less means not?

I think this should be changed and those like myself that have purchased the Dragonflight Collector’s Edition should get the code for Epic now, too and that this should be applied and done ASAP.

I think you get reimbursed the price for an Epic code, once your physical edition gets shipped. Sure you buy it twice now, but you’ll get the money back from that digital key.

So, quick question… WHEN does the physical Collector’s Edition ship anyway? Because, I do not WANT to spend the Epic Edition and then get “reimbursed” whatsoever. I haven’t gotten a collector’s edition since Pandaria, and I feel as if I am getting penalized for ponying up the extra cash for the physical items.

You don’t get reimbursed. You get the balance put into your account. THAT is not getting reimbursed. That is spending even MORE money on the game.