Cold war black loading screen stuck

Im still stuck on the black loading screen wher ei can hear the music and move the pointer…my account is allready linked to battlenet and i reinstalled 4 times and repaired files and i danced several voodoo dances and nothing works

Same here. I have pretty good gaming rig and everything else works flawlessly.

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Great…so we cant try the beta…they should give us the next weekend also to compensate…i hope they dont sell anything due to this bug…

When i log in then i see something where i must accept some stuff and login to some account but after 5 seconds passed then i get the black screen and eventualy it says lost connections. Well nice work telling us to try beta and half of us cant play it…GG mann *golfclap

Same here, I was playing fine earlier and now I just can’t play anything, it get stuck in the loading screen. I’ve tried re-installing, rebooting etc etc and nothing works.

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thx god i dident buy this messy game haha

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