CoDWarzone - Activision Support Not Helping

Good afternoon. Recently banned in Warzone. I’ve been playing in the computer club for what a year, everything was fine. But I recently got banned, allegedly for third-party programs and manipulation of game data. But I am an adult and have never used cheats in principle! But it’s still okay. Yesterday, with a friend in the same computer club, we decided to go to Warzone. I’m from a new account (Just completed training) And a friend from the main (The last time he entered the game on April 27) And we couldn’t even play one rink! We were immediately thrown into the ban! They wrote to Activision tech support, but they didn’t care! Please help me, or help me somehow with normal support to contact activision. I would not like to raise this topic on Reddit. Let them fix their super protection “Ricochet”.

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I have a similar issue with Vanguard. Banned for absolutely no reason. Won’t be buying through ever again if I can’t sort it out.

Think of Bnet like Steam. Blizzard just acts as the marketplace for buying the game license. They have no input on Activision games or whether your license was banned.

i was banned too for no reason, i have not cheating since im in console. before they reset my ranked on ps4 warzone i contact costomer service but they dont resolve that case, and now they banned my account,. please fix your ricochet. theres alot of people cheating but they dont get banned, please! thank you…


As Blizzard we do not control bans that happen with Call of Duty. That is solely Activision and their support is who you need to reach out to.

As answers have already been given for both issues in this thread I will go ahead and lock this up.