CoD:MW Audio stuttering

Hey guys,

i got audio stuttering since release of the game and rly need help to fix this. This problem is only in this game.

What have i tried so far: I have changed the hz in windows audiosettings, i repaired the game in battlenet launcher, i changed the ingame audio settings. I checked my computer utilization, which is fine

system: cpu 6700k, mem 16gig 3200mhz, gpu gtx1080ti, soundcard g6, headset mmx300

Please help me

You know, you’d think the company that sold me Modern Warfare would stop the Richard Weed’s from using hacks that crash my game. You’d think…

No solution? … :frowning:

I have same 6700k and 1080

It happens on VTOLS the worst but also on ground war, Tanks and quad bikes have little to no sound… Ive tried everything. Im some what relieved that im no the only one having the issue though.

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I fixed it. The audio stuttering was caused by rivetuner/msi afterburner.

ho lo stesso problema ma non ho rivetuner msi… :frowning: