Codex not working properly

I play on an iPhone 13 PRO. Codex has been very sketchy about crediting for tasks completed. I ran an inch of dungeons, completed bestiary, and milt elder rifts - codex - nada. Not all the time. But a lot of the time - no rewards :-/

This forum is for tech support of the Desktop App, i.e. the Battlenet Launcher.
You’re reporting an issue with Diablo Immortal so…

Under your post, click the little blue pencil icon to edit your post. In the Editing window, at the top right, there’ll be a drop-down list showing all the forums available. Choose Diablo Immortal Bug Report from the list, then click Save. This will move your opening post, and all replies to it, into that forum.

Okay, obvious question first… are you capped on Battle Pass points for the week?

Once you’re at the 2400 cap, you can no longer earn Battle Pass points from the Codex > Battle Pass > Activities section. However, tasks in Codex > Battle Pass > Quests will still add to your points after the cap. Also, events which have Battle Pass point rewards, such as the daily tasks in the currently active Rising Damnation event, will grants points after the cap.

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