Code Error : BLZBNTAGT00000960

Morning Folks.

Specs First
Ryzen 5 3600
Nvidia 2080 Super (Latest Driver)
32GB Ram

I am having the above error when trying to start Call of Duty Vanguard from the Battlenet App.

I cleared the Battlenet Cache and re-tried, but the same issue appeared.

I uninstalled Battlenet, found the games again, tried to run the game and same issue.

Ran Battlenet, and tried to run the game manually from the game folder, came up wanting to close and scan game

Ran both battlenet and game as Admin, but same issue.

I Deleted Vanguard, cleared Battlenet Cache, logged back in and tried to download again, but the same issue.

Anyone else came across this error code?




Windows key + R
TYPE %ProgramData%
locate the folder and delete it

  1. Reinstall

  2. Go to the installation folder. Click on the game folder.
    Delete all files, keep only the Data folder.
    Then click on the Data folder.Open data file and delete every file which is smaller than 2mb.
    Don’t delete any files which are higher than 2mb.
    That’s it now will scan your game and repair it without any issues.

  3. Move Call of Duty to Different Drive

  4. Change Game Region

  5. Run as Admin

  6. Run Call of Duty Warzone Manually (FROM GAME FILES)

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