COD Warzone keyboard problem in game

I’m using logitech G610 keyboard and using usb hub for playing COD WARZONE. In the middle of the game, my keyboard suddenly turns off no response at all, I unplugged and replug in my keyboard and then it works again.

This problem really annoys me when playing games. My keyboard has no issue at the beginning of the game and works fine on something else without any problem.

I wonder why this problem only occurs in Warzone, I’ve planned to buy Modern Warfare but in Warzone there is a lot of bug issue going that makes me doubt to buy. I have a crash issue when playing Warzone but the problem has been solved because of some settings that I found and the latest updates, but not the keyboard issue.

can anyone help me?

Sounds like a logtech problem more then a game, have you emailed or got in contact with logitech?