COD: Warzone Frames and Lag

For the most part the game has some high framerates. However sometimes in the menu screen the frame rate and refresh rate is all over the place. FPS drops out of nowhere to like 30 sometimes. Also during the airplane cutscene the FPS drops down to like 60. This doesn’t happen in Practice mode, clearly this is due to some massive internet lag or something.

Also when enabling Freesync on my monitor with a G-Sync graphics card it causes the menu/lobby to fluctuate in refresh rate and frames.

16GB of RAM (3200Mhz)
Windows 10

This game is terrible the way it is currently. Literally lag sooo hard right when you are about to encounter people. Making it so you unload a full clip into his latency ghost and he somehow kills you in with 1 shot. Or even better somehow is right behind after you shot his ghost from 10 feet away and performs a finisher. Its either lag or hacks.

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