COD MW2 Remastered

Hey guys,

I brought this game, last week, downloaded it yesturday, and it says that its supposed to be playable today 30th April, yet still I cannot play it. Am I having to wait on america again till they hit the 30th or are you guys going to get with the program and realize NZ is a day a head so I should be able to play it today not starting on the 1st of May?

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Don’t feel bad NiteFarts it’s the 30th in the US 8:30 am and still no game.
Might be my 1st and last BLIZZARD Purchase .
What day would it be convenient for you guys to let us play our game that we paid for?
Maybe we shouldn’t have payed until we could PLAY !
Let’s try that in the future…

The game will be out today

“Modern Warfare 2 hits Xbox One and PC at 5 PM GMT, both via the Xbox One’s integrated store, and the client for PC. That translates to 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET / 6 PM BST (UK) / 7 PM CET”

I got it in the 1st of March. Not the 30th as told.


But I did have heaps of fun playing it though and clocked it that day too.