COD MW - Stuck Checking for Update

The came never starts, just sits at “checking for update”. I’ve restarted the game,, my PC. I deleted it and reinstalled it. Nothing works. I did play for a couple hours the other day, but have never been able to get it started since.


I am having the exact same issue. Once I got it to stop just crashing, it now just sits at “Checking for Update” until I close the game. Haven’t been able to play it in weeks.


Ive recently been having this problem, can anyone help

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I’m having excatly the same problem :frowning: already re-installed COD again but I’m still having de same issue.

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same issue here
tried reinstalling did nothing
tried updating all my drivers and windows still nothing
this is bs
plz fix !!!

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Had same issue today and changing to different network helped.
As soon as i started Battlenet it automatically started updating

Can a staff or Activision staff help with this badly optimized game?