COD MW - Stuck Checking for Update

The came never starts, just sits at “checking for update”. I’ve restarted the game,, my PC. I deleted it and reinstalled it. Nothing works. I did play for a couple hours the other day, but have never been able to get it started since.


I am having the exact same issue. Once I got it to stop just crashing, it now just sits at “Checking for Update” until I close the game. Haven’t been able to play it in weeks.


Ive recently been having this problem, can anyone help

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I’m having excatly the same problem :frowning: already re-installed COD again but I’m still having de same issue.

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same issue here
tried reinstalling did nothing
tried updating all my drivers and windows still nothing
this is bs
plz fix !!!

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Had same issue today and changing to different network helped.
As soon as i started Battlenet it automatically started updating

Can a staff or Activision staff help with this badly optimized game?

Take it with a grain of salt. If it doesn’t work, that’s rough but I did something that fixed my “Checking for update” nonsense.

I forced a crash during the logging process in to MW (Game, not Client) that gave me the option to boot the game in Safe Mode. Literally booted in with it’s garbage down scaled resolution, sat for no more than 30 seconds then the game needed a restart due to update. Not sure if you can force a crash through Task Manager but I used an application called “WeMod”. Just having it open in the background closes the game without warning. Hope it helps, if it doesn’t, Suuuuuuuuuuuucked in.

Solution to this problem:

Open Task manger (ctrl + alt +del) end task named “Blizzard update agent” after closing battlenet.
Reopen the blizzard app and enjoy!

peace and love baby!