COD MW BNET newest update crash

After today’s Battlenet update COD MW keeps crashing at the start of every match saying “server disconnected” (tried to play 3 times in a row before posting). This game is strongly on #1 spot when it comes to bugs, errors, crashes etc. since it came out, I’ve never seen anything like it in my gaming experience. Can you guys once and for all stop making it worse and fix this already just how it was supposed to be in the first place? I’m not sure who’s task is it, IW or Activision or Blizzard but it does not even matter afterall, cooperate and just get it done.


a mi me paso igual pero ni siquiera se me descargo el parche despues de varios intentos y pensar que era mi conexion y reiniar todo quise entro y ya no me dejo me dice que algo esta mal con mi juego y se pone a escanar los archivos y al terminar dice que algo se rempio y que si quiero volver a intentarlo, asi que desde anoche mni siquiera puedo iniciar el juego ni la descarga de parche no te paso igual?

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I just continually get scanning game files, and wont update…ive tried everything and it wont work. Do we know if this is on their end? Cause Overwatch updated no problem.