CoD Modern Warfare freezed at start

I have bought, downloaded and installed Modern Warfare (which comes with Warzone included). But when starting it crashes. You have already resolved the not executing error with the exceptions added to the antivirus, but when starting it is stuck in black. I am doing the analysis and repair of the game, but I am worried

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Hey there,

This forum is specific to troubleshooting issues with the Blizzard Desktop Application. In regards to Activision, we only handle the distribution of the game client for Activision. We will assist with anything related to the desktop application and anything with the game client that involves purchasing, activating, downloading/installing and launching. Anything that occurs after you can press the play button is going to be addressed through the Activision support portal: Support Options | Activision Support

everytime i load up warzone and press play my game reeze and i can’t get to another time does anyone know what to do?


The same thing happened to me. When I pressed play the game freezes. After a few minutes frozen it presented the error: 0x00000000143e0239e 11976938 0x00001337 ModernWarfare.exe
I did everything on the internet to solve the problem, including formatting my pc. The problem got worse, I can only get to the game select screen. If I click play or go to my friend list, the game freezes and exits without any errors. I asked a friend to connect to my account and the same thing happened (his account doesn’t show any errors and he can play). I think it’s a problem with my account or something I have on my account.


Having same issue not sure what to do all other games run fine it’s just COD logged into my account on another PC and it worked just fine.