COD Modern Warfare Dev Error 5454 7

PC unable to play and keep showing fatal errror 5454 7

Don’t have any explanation what crash.

Hey ilnix,

All the CoD games belong to Activision. Bliz’s only involvement with them is selling, installing and patching.

Thus everything else, such as crashing, falls to Activision. You can find Activison’s support site here

you are already bored with such stupid answers to questions !!! redirect then where necessary let them fix !!! you write you refer to them. You write to whom you refer to those who are generally silent !!!

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Haha no one there at this Adress… : support.activision contact-us hahaha

It is a infine circle if you begin to klick on a HELP Buttom. I have the same Problem… another “Update” another Problem. Dev Error 5454 7 . And no Help, no Support. Next Time, the din´t get money for a Game. What a bad Game and bad Companies, they want our Money bud they din´t give a Fxxx on there Customers. My English is not the best, but you now what i mean. Now … is some one there how can HELP !!!

I’m not the biggest fan of the MP though I do enjoy the co-op. But because of this error that causes the game crash every single time has basically made me unable to enjoy playing this game.

If anyone knows someway to fix this issue please let us know!