CoD Modern Warfare bought but cant install

Hi I bought CoD Modern Warfare last year and I wanted to install it however its

1st not appearing in my library
2nd when I go to buy it says “Already purchased”

But why cant I install it?

Hey there Molly,

To access Modern Warfare, you will need to install the Call of Duty: Warzone game client in the Desktop App. I can confirm that your account has access to the game, so installed, you should be able to load into Modern Warfare without issue. :smiley:

so are you saying you need to install the entirety of warzone (208gb) to be able to play MW? I might be misunderstanding

i am having the same problem i have a bought copy of modern warfare
after reebooting my pc i wont let me install it
do i have to install warzone to then play modern warfare
i dosent give me the option to modify the install as iv read about
it says that i need a bought copy to modify
ie multiplayer campaign ect
dont understand this
please help

In case it hasnt been told and you are still wondering about it, sadly it does seem you have to install all 208gbs for both warzone and modern warfare to play it. They seem to be forcing warzone to play mw solo.