COD banned for no reason right after purchase

I bought cod vanguard yesterday on battle net shop, installed it and downloaded shaders, and then went to sleep. And when I wake up today, I got permanently banned for no reason.

But then I contacted Activision support and they said the ban could not be removed. I haven’t even touched the game, let alone hacking. I feel so helpless, just what should I do. Can I get a refund?


The same thing happened to my account. I don’t know what to do either. No response and no email stating why I was banned in the first place. I was just telling my friends how fun this game was for me and no I can’t even play with them tonight. Something has to be done to help us.

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i didn’t even make it past the brightness menu before getting banned. i’m not even banned in warzone. went for an appeal it said cheating… how does one cheat before even playing.

Hey there,

When it comes to the Call of Duty games, Blizzard Customer Support has no visibility of game penalties or suspensions. Your best option will be to contact Activision Support.