Client is not loading previous game settings properly

When hosting games on for Warcraft 2 some settings like the Resources fixed order and one peon only are not properly saved or loaded and will default back to using the default settings. Even though it shows the previous used setting right.

Steps to reproduce:
Launch game
Host a game selecting any map and select Resources as High
Click Ok see your map resources are correctly using High in lobby and in game.
Quit the current game return to lobby.
Host a game again see that the selected Resources shows High, click Ok
See that although it showed High the game resources are now back to Map Default.
Although it looks like a minor inconvenience when hosting multiple games in a row it often gets in the way and is annoying.

Thank you for fixing this bug, to my knowledge it happens to everyone that has the game.

I contacted Blizzard support about this exact issue and they said we need to be a little bit more VOCAL about it on the forums so it has been duly noted and SO WE SHALL. It begins NOW :smiley:


Yes please fix this bug, hosting games becomes frustating otherwise.


Yeah very frustrating like on stream I often forget and we have to re-host the game all over again just to fix these issues. Also it does not only happen for Resources but also for “fixed order” and “one peon only” settings!

Also how great would it be to have a setting to use the map default units but with random starting position yeah? think that would be possible?


Yes, these bugs must be fixed. We pay $10 for this game and these are the new bugs that we never had in early 2000s. And yes I confirm that these bugs happen to everyone I know as well and it can be very frustrating.

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Thats very important! Could u fix the bug, pls?!


Could you put hands on this one?


I would like to point out that this bug has been since early 2000s.

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Apparently some fans fixed that bug on their private server and many more things too. Maybe Blizzard can hire some of these guys?


Please fix this bug, would make hosting games easier


Such an annoying bug, the worst part is that it still shows the settings as they should be, only when you really start the game do you realize it is flawed and then you have to re-host all over again :stuck_out_tongue: