Classic D2 connecting problem in Asia!

Firstly, I live in the Taiwan.

I just want to play classic D2 before the resurrected release.
But what I discover that it really make me ANGRY!

In my situation, I just install it and cannot login to the lobby.
I didn’t make any character yet!
And what I knew is the stupid Blizzard Engineers want to ban the cheating bot, so they banned all the IP address by the way like from xxx to xxx.

Sometimes it says “Battle.Net is not responding. Please try connection again in a few minutes.”, and Sometimes I login successfully, and then it will display “Your connection has been temporarily restricted from this realm. please try to log in at another time”.
These are my only results I can see.
Try about hundred time, and I have never really get to the lobby and create any game…

I have tried all gateway (Asia West East Europe) and the results are same!!
I Also tried using other CD key, but it is same!
And I change my network from LAN to mobile network, but it is same!

So stupid! I had play this game about 17 years! And Blizzard want to force the old players to play the resurrected one, so make the old one broken!
The biggest cheater, I think that is Blizzard!