Classic cata transfers

So i see that many servers are being merged due to shutting down. My question is how do we move our guild with us to the new server we choose to move to as a guild.

I know i am in the same situation i have no choice to move but apparently it’s just our bad luck so they say, make lots of alts and move your guild stuff over with them they say , but what about the thousands of gold ive spent on guild tabs , will they reimburse me for them , i doubt it . Not happy with the way they are handling this i would say there are lots of people feeling the same way . #Vent over#

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Good luck with this.

Would have been nice to know that all of our efforts on servers being shut down post Cata were all for naught. Would also have been nice to get some kind of notification about the what and the when before getting this shoved down our throats like before. Thanks Blizz.
But hey. Starting a guild from the ground up (again) and spending 100’s of hours (again) building it all up with ZERO reimbursement for said effort all for the lols coming from BlizDevs. But ya know, our bad luck I guess.