Classic (Old School Clans)

Greetings Blizzard,

I wanted to start by saying that I am a long time fan. Been playing your games since Diablo 1 came out.

The reason for my post is strictly to provide feedback on something that I think is being overlooked in a very big way here, and that is Classic as a whole.
Classic is one of the best things Blizzard Entertainment ever created and attached to video games. It wasn’t just a multi-player platform that allowed gamers to play together online, it forged so much more than that. Through Classic, it gave users the freedom to create clans, clan channels with OP access, as it also inspired programmers to create bots to connect and help hold that access for protection purposes against other clans who would try to take said clan channel. This is where clan wars originated.

Through the years, I have met some great people and maintained those relationships until this very day and I don’t think that creating “Remastered” versions of the game just to make Classic obsolete is the right direction. The biggest mistake that was ever made was when special characters were no longer allowed to be used when creating usernames. It made it difficult for clans to recruit, and in turn clans started to die out. I personally think Classic should be remastered itself, because I know for a fact that you have the fanbase to actually get people to come back on and kickstart a lot of these old clans back up and start new ones as well. You could even do it with the new, all that would need to be done is implement the private channel/op access/illegal character features and you have no idea what type of doors that opens up for players.

If you’re an old school player like me and was a part of any of the clans that survived over the years, i’m sure you share this viewpoint. It would be an awesome opportunity for every player, new and old to experience this type of greatness that I had the opportunity to be a part of when I was growing up.

Clans/Players that deserve some type of recognition will be listed below. If I missed any, feel free to add yours.
{][)K}/BB/v^: The ][)aRk KiNgZ: (JoYkiLLaH, InVersE(Myself), W@R$, VaLeN, QaYiN, ReQuieM, $ativa, rAiSt.
[vL]: Valhalla Legends: Grok, RULE, Yoni
666/CC/sSs: Nosferatu, Coldfire, Magus, viLe, FiReKiNg, DarkStar.
~TG|{~: The Gate Keepers: Poseidon, RoseThorn, Rodent
{RC}/~S: The Royal Council: Assassin/Raihan, Sneaky, BabyDawL.
{bA}: The Blood Angelz
-=^The Un4Given^=-
BeTa ]{LiK
Freedom Fighters (FuNkMaN_FF)
Eye4anEye (i!)

There are so many other clans and people i’m not mentioning because the list is absolutely too long. But these are some of the clans that lasted for years throughout I really hope Blizzard Entertainment reads this and takes my words under consideration. A lot of us would absolutely love to see restored the way it was, or remastered with the same older features.


Ohhhhhh ya i membah… Sitting in channels with bots trying to get the Ops Hammer to “destroy” their clan!! TGK and DK187 were are biggest rivals!!

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I remember invading clan channels with mass bots… lol

Those were the golden days.



This really brings me back. I used to be in TGK in the D1 days. I was just a script kiddie… nuking whoever I could. Trying to get control of the ‘dark’ channel.

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My guy, you forgot (42o) :wink: ~ And (420), we used to war each other constantly. 42o vs 420 was a thing.


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LordRaven, Feanor , SaL , c0ke , Denial , CeLe :joy:

I used to be PwNeD@uswest and PwNeD[vA] @useast

W@R , (2xX) , Round(+)Table , [vL] , ])]{ oh man such great memories with zds :rofl: hope everyone doing good


Oh man those were the days, {][)K}Nate here. Anyone else still kicking around?

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Oh wow dude, I do remember you. I’m trying to remember what my OG name was! I hung around a dude called Azarl or Azeral something like that.

I had a dial up connection from Australia and could reconnend quicker than all the DSL Americans lol. Good times

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I’m actually surprised no one mentioned… dbd, Obsol33t, TCC or TP clans. EC also. A couple of those clans were terrorizing players for years on original Diablo.

This brings back some good memories!!! learned alot about programming, web and graphic design and writing in these days all linked to time spent in clan channels like [vL]

Bman and Dooj’in ?

My handle was Cloop

I used the name’s ~AoD~, ~AoD~ThrEE, KrAyZiE, and Payphone the most. Would hang out in KBK Ladies, the S*x rooms… mostly 4 with L&M or L^M(I think) Lord’Bacca[vL] Lords & Mistresses… Mistress^Athena, Mistress^Ras(names were something like those) Town Square was another fun classic channel. {mAc} ‘aZn W@R 420 42o many more.

Wow, thanks for writing this, InVersE.

I think about those days all the time. It’s kind of remarkable how much real knowledge and value grew out of what we did on those servers. Just an example, but one of the main technical experts in our guild (Royal(+)Knights) – the 12 year old who built our website – is now the CEO of an established tech company. I’d like to think some of his know-how came from those experiences. I’m minorly successful myself and think a lot of my social ability came from hanging out and chatting in those servers.

Our clan made a Facebook group and did some in-person meetups (maybe it would be fun for a massive one with all of the guilds?) that were kind of fun, but I agree that Blizzard is missing out on massive value by shying away from this community. They’d be like a competitor to Reddit and Twitter if they still operated as you describe.

Feel free to contact me (Cold(+)One) at john didday (without the space) dot com if anyone wants to drop me a line.

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Holy crap, i remember you!!! I went by SuPReMe and i hung out in Dark, God, S*x, and now some of the other comments are reminded of Round(+)Table , [vL]… wow.

I was heavily into the bots and scanning for wingates, I remember at one point my record was over 700 mass bots logged on. What was the name of that really simple bot by the guy named Grok or Addron or something? NBBot?

Anyways, i scanned for wingates so aggressively that i got warned so many times by my ISP that they kicked us off the internet and my parents were pissssssssssed.

Legendary times and thank you all for reminding me about one of the most niche, nostalgic percoids of time for me as a teenager.

Does anyone else have any resources for threads about the history of this era?

Wow i was in TGK for a while and those names bring back memories, i was in {bA} too.

Do you have any more resources for history of this era? Its extremely nostalgic for me and i figured the niche amount of people we were, that these memories might have died off. For example do you have any screenshots from channels in this time? I would love to see those

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Getting ops in Dark the couple times i did (on server splits etc) was one of my highest teenage achievements, it was like winning a medal LOL

I remember SupReMe. I also remember Poseidon from TGK, and I sort of vaguely remember his being one of the first people to be crazy enough to buy a T1 line at home so that he could protect his channel. A guy in our guild (N4SpeeD) did the same time and was pretty wild too, hehe.

Idk how I stumbled upon this post but I remember you lol. I remember almost all of the names you guys have been saying. Bnet was legendary back then lmao.

I don’t remember what my “illegal” username was. But I think I used to use FoXXRoam or Roam or some crap after they made the username switch to not allow illegal characters. Then everyone had to steal them. Lol. Pretty sure I used S*x!!! as well.

If I dug out my old computer and dug through the HD I could probably find a bunch of old screenshots/accounts. I’m sure all of the old bots, keys, and random programs I had are still on there. Pretty sure one of the bots I had used to idle with random quotes from people in chat that were either funny or stupid. Screenshots were probably from clan wars. zDS FTW <—

:+:Sea!:+:/Mystic here, man i haven’t seen these names for so long. Miss ya guys. Ran with DK/AoD/w@r/aC at some point, vL can’t remember too much