Class Balance or Lack Thereof

Why the hell is every blizzard game have the hunter class as so over powered in pvp? Is the founder a crazy hunter survivalist? I can’t think of any reason they have insane damage, crazy range, and stupid survivability. Its like developers never play or blizzard never ever ever listens to public. Literally the reason i quit WoW was the class imbalance kept getting worse, now diablo immortal is worse. Idc about the pay options, I’m happy buying things occasionally but if i want to compete in pvp i have to accept that the team with more demon hunters will win. Don’t you have internal stats that can show you the kill and win difference between classes? Idiotic.

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They have the lowest survivability of anyone.
But yes, the most damage.

You dont want to get caught in a situation where you have to freely trade damage with a DH, and not have any CC or defensive utility into the mix because you will lose that trade every time.

Lets say youre a necro and you JUST finished using Wraith Walk. A good DH will notice this, and position himself to pick you off because he knows, you cant do anything about it for the next 6 seconds or so.
You’d survive this by having Bone Armor available to use, in combination with bonepillar, and then stall for your Wraith walk to be back up. Or you’ll die if Cheat Death isnt off CD.

DH’s are not really a cooldown based class, they are a primary attack based class. So, other classes are strong with their CD’s available, and DH is strong in those windows where their targets dont have the CD’s available to deal with the DH’s primary attack damage.

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