Class and faction

Hello there this is my feedback about something that should be in the game in my opinion. I know it wont please everyone but i still wanna share what i think the game need.

Class seems way better in shadowland with class focus and not spec focus.
Wow is the only game that change there class really frequently and its getting worst and worst . Im playing since vanilla and the progress of the class trought the game is great. But not at that scale , trought the year we lost alot of class essence by giving them everything or removing there core. Even is thing seems broken it can be fixed …not be removing it or giving something to everyone else just scalling the % of the attack or something like that. Cause every class had something OP before that you had to learn how to counter in pvp or compensate in pve. But now when ppl tell you that something is broken you scrap it and change it way to much so ppl wont give you the feedback of overpowering. But you broke all the class alot of time . Racial is the same thing . Horde have so many cool and good racial ( and nice looking hahaha ), so except 1 or 2 ally racial they are not a game changer and that should have been a concern before even touching class.

Faction. In the game we are at the point of making cross over faction. i explain.
People should be able to choose any race they want and go in any city they want except with pvp on . Group should be mixed in pve and pvp Q for instance and pvp stuff So long Q will be less painfull to everyone and making a group for anything in custom would have more choice. So in general chat everyone on Commun laguage could talk to everyone . Bigger AH would be cool even if they are already big . Mount faction could stay faction or mixed that point i really dont care hahaha. Last thing is i would love to group up in the new content with horde for open world pvp and making every faction group ( group non mixed ) hostile and mixed group friendly something like that im just throwing idea but still …with shadowland change have to be made and even if you wont read me or reply to me blizz since everyone writing idea… but still this is a feedback of someone still nostalgic of a wow that you had to work and learn to be good at what you re playing.

p.s graphic should be better…other rpg improving and wow could be so much breath taking with all the cool area it got.