Chromie says cant help

i am lvl 31 when i visit chromie it says i need to tour the city and talk to the king this i have done opened up bolaris went back said same thing surfted the net did what That said still no timewalking im confused can someone please help me

This forum is for help installing old “Classic” games like Diablo 2.

If you need help with World of Warcraft you can look up the info in Wowhead or post on the WoW forums. Note there are restrictions on who can use Chromie time. You must have a char leveled to 50 first.

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why is that every time someone asks a question they are treated like a fool I have been playing this game for 14 years i ask for help or advice i get a generic look it up here or here i have already done that it says you might have to tour the city and talk to the king i did that leveled to 31 i have used chromie many times before on many toon i have 3 or 4 50s WOW is becoming a joke cant get help with the tickets u post always sends u to the forums and i see this worked so well for me just more generic bs

You are posting on the Classic Games tech support forum which has nothing to do with WoW. You were directed to the proper resources. You won’t get any assistance posting in the wrong place. There is nobody here to help you with your issue.

Tickets - GMs are not allowed to give you game hints or tell you how to play the game. That is why you get sent to Wowhead or the forums.

You might want to read the pinned thread on Game Master help on the WoW Customer Support forum.

That forum serves as an Information Desk, not a substitute for tickets, but can help explain how things work for you.

Note: MVPs are other players, not Blizzard staff. MVPs do not speak for Blizzard or represent Blizzard.

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