Check status of pre-order?

I saw Fanatics is now in charge of the gear store.

I pre-ordered the Ashe nendoroid back in July. The item no longer shows up in the store and I have no way of checking the status of my order now because the new shop uses different accounts. The old site I just logged into my battlenet account and it had all my orders listed on a page.

What can I do to view orders placed before the site changed?

This is the link you are looking for.

That link only works for US store orders, NOT EU store preorders/orders.

As it stands, EU preorders/orders have simply vanished into the ether. Unless someone can correct me?

I’ve tried getting a satisfactory response from CS but I just get redirected to that link.

Good work Fanatics.

Ive called Fanatics. sat on the phone with them for 1 hour and they couldn’t do anything with purchase before oct. 8.

After a couple of weeks now of automated responses/indifference (email), I just gave up and raised a dispute through Paypal.

It seems US preorders/orders were transferred but not EU orders. Ironic considering Fanatics international store is, for me at least, based in Manchester, UK.

I really want the preordered Mei statue I’ve already PAID FOR on EU store, but I’m guessing the whole ‘Free HK’ furore is at least responsible for this in some capacity.

Blizzard, either confirm and give me access to, my EU store preorder or refund my money via Paypal.

For pre-Oct 8th orders go to

log into your old blizzard store account and use the Live Chat feature they helped me with my pre-order issues.

It only took 8 hours of my life trying everything else to figure this out

My figure pre-order was supposed to ship out by 12/30/19 and now it’s Jan 17th and it’s still “Processing” on the site :roll_eyes: