Cheaters or Leavers?

Overwatch 2 is in a worse state now than Overwatch 1 ever was. Going FTP has made ranked a cesspool of cheaters and leavers. Way to make a good game terrible. I would like to know, what is your preferred method at ruining a game: Cheating, or Leaving(Throwing)? I have just been leaving my matches after the annoying timer.

What about “Blizzard Arcade Collection General Discussion” says “Overwatch”?

A google search of “overwatch forums” literally has this as the FIRST resutl

Well, I didn’t google to find a forum. I came to this website, and there is NO reasonable way to find an “Overwatch” forum from the site. So, unless you are going to talk about MY topic, see yourself out.

Nah. You posted in a public space. When youndo, you accept that anyone can reply.

So if you have a problem with you Big Mac, and theres no mcdonalds in sight but theres a burger king right in front of you… youll just go complain to burger king? Brilliant.

Meaning your overwatch post in these forums will be just in vain as your Big Mac in burger king: no one who can do anything about your post will ever see it here.
It’s at the top of every page… of every forum…
Yeah… NO reasonable way from the site.