Chat stuck on old message / link

In desktop app chat got stuck on this link: https www apple com/pl/shop/buy-mac/pro-display-xdr?fnode=8a
That happened on 18th of February… It’s been like this ever since… I launch bnet, go to SOCIAL tab and chat instead of jumping to the newest message scrolls back to that link. The newest message button also scrolls back to that link… Dude I’m chatting with also has this issue so it’s not limited to me… I can still scroll down but it’s annoying… I was thinking about clearing chat history but I don’t want to lose it… I would rather get rid of this bug instead.

I have this same issue currently with the latest blizzard launcher. It scrolls back to about a week ago for just one of the groups I’m in, and I believe this is happening across two different PCs I use, so it’s something at the account level. I have never noticed this happening before recently.

Same issue, stuck on an old message and will no longer scroll to the latest messages. The most recent messages button doesn’t work either.