Character Transfer

trying to transfer my son’s character from mu account to his. I must be doing something wrong. I type in the server he wants it to go and use his account name for the destination account. Can’t transfer. I’ve made sure no heirlooms were in the character or in his bank or bags. still can’t do it. I’ve transferred a character of his about a year ago and sadly I had to have help with that too.

Haven’t meet this before…

I paid for a classic character transfer yesterday, says completed on my account but i’m not seeing the token to transfer a character, not even grayed out… just…nothing… and they make it almost impossible to talk to an actual person to get anything done!

Hey Eldergamer74 and Eboneye

Live chat hours are typically during Monday - Friday. They are available again however usually for short periods of time. You can check when making a ticket if they are available. You can also submit a ticket with all the information and a Game Master will be able to assist. Make sure you put the character that is to be transferred and then the account email as well as WOW account if there are multiple when you do. Eboneye, make sure to include the realm you are wanting to go to if it’s on your account. This will make it easier for the GM to assist.