Character Stuck Service is down/not working

& My character is stuck falling through the world without dying. Game crashes and sends me back to login.

& Character Stuck Service gives me an error… “Something went wrong on our end”

& can’t open a ticket because support filters just route me back to Character Stuck Service. All other service paths lead to dead ends and can’t open a ticket.

So I’m left to the forums.

My character is Ashßowman-Garrosh

Can someone at Blizz write my info on a post-it and stick it on some support rep’s monitor please? Thanks :slight_smile:

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This forum is for the Bnet desktop app. For issues with WoW self-service tools, please post in the Customer Support forum on the WoW forums.

I used the Bnet desktop app but the Character Stuck feature is not working. Support tree in the Bnet desktop app runs a person in circles and does everything to prevent a ticket being created. That’s also an issue with Bnet desktop app. So this is a Bnet desktop app issue.

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That would be feedback then, since it’s working as intended and you don’t like how the system works.

As for the character stuck issue, you will still need to use the WoW CS forum or open a ticket.