Character stuck after disconnect while in dungeon

Hi all,

please help with the following problem: Yesterday, while in the dungeon Court of Stars with my character “Sherly” (Realm Alleria) , I got disconnected. Since then I was not able to login the character any more. When rying to log in I get the message “Realm ist nicht aktiv” (realm is not active).

I have tried all the links from the support site to free / move the chracter but there i keep getting the response that my request could not be processed and I shall post about the problem in this forum.

Please help - Thanks


The same thing happened to me yesterday in Court of Stars and I don’t know what to do! I can not play


i have this problem too what should i do?

Hello all,

A reminder that this forum is for technical support on the Battle.Net Desktop App… aka, the Launcher. This is the wrong forum for in-game issues in WoW.

You should be posting or, at least, looking for help on the WoW forums:

This Support note seems to be applicable to your issue:

There are several posts regarding issues with “Count of Stars”… most of them in the Customer Support forum, both in Americas and Europe. Look for a blue “Blizz” icon (post by Blizzard) or a crown (post by a MVP) in the left column.

Good luck with this !!

Estou tendo o msm problema a 3 dias ja, desloguei em patio das estrelas (CAMINHADA TEMPORAL) e simplesmente nao consigo logar a nao consigo dar unstuck no char, e para abrir um ticket para falar com GM esta impossivel, a blizzard esta se superando nesse assunto

char em questão warrior Bolveck realm Azralon