Character Squish

What’s with the character squish. The players that have paid to play for many, many years and work to level their characters and then to have Blizzard take down the levels is crap… I am sorry I bought the expansion now. I will probably drop both of my accounts. Blizzard! You have ruined the game for me. Why can’t you leave well enough alone. Maybe take a poll and ask your players what they would like. I WANT MY LEVELS BACK. Why should I want to re-level a toon that was already maxed out


Hello there Sassyfrass. This forum is for Warcraft 2.

If you wish to give feedback to the World of Warcraft team you will need to post on the WoW forums. That does require a current subscription.

You may want to read the News articles that were released in the past few months leading up to the patch. They informed players about all the changes coming in the Pre-Patch before Shadowlands.

Basics are here which includes a chart showing you how all levels and gear have been “squished” down in a proportional way. You do not need to re-level because the level cap is now much lower. The most you can get right now is 50. You can still do the same content you could at 120 because it was all squished too.

Then maybe it needs to be labeled a little better. I could not find a forum that stated which Warcraft game (retail, classic etc) to which it was to since there are now so many labels. I don’t really have time to read all the topics that come out…I do have to work and only get a few hours a week to play.