Character Professions API Updates for Dragonflight

Are there plans to update the Character Professions API to return data about characters’ professions specializations? We’re trying to build an app to coordinate profession specializations across guild members. Nobody likes spreadsheets.


+1 for this. I wrote something similar for my guild with legendary crafting in SL so people could at a glance see who could craft what piece and what level. Looking to do the same for profs in DF so this would be huge.

+1 as well, this would be very nice to have (and it’s not something available in-game, either, unfortunately)

+1 I am also wanting to build an app that helps guilds track who can make what and at what proficiency. Tracking via Discord and/or spreadsheet is heinous. Can we get a blue post to answer whether this is on the roadmap?

I would like to see dragonflight professional specialization information provided via the API as well. Thanks.

+1 here as well. I have attempted to make an automated spreadsheet but all I can get right now is if someone can make an item or not. We would love knowing what level they can craft even if I have to do the math myself based on talent points spent.

With the nearly 1000 recipes added for DF this is just nuts for large guilds to manage. Our discord is full of chatter when we need things and things get lost. Or even worse guild chat. We don’t know who to turn to for guild/personal orders if someone is leveling something and grabs an order before our top crafter can. Recrafting isn’t terribly expensive but potentially unnecessary and time consuming while the item is out of your possession the whole time it sits waiting.

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I’d also love to see some kind of API to access character-specific professional specialization data. It’s so hard for our guild to track who specializes in X and who can make Y at Z rank. It would be amazing if we could have API access to this so we could make tools to help!

+1 request for this feature

Really interested in this feature as well!