Character icon doesn't match character looks

Anyone else bothered by the fact that the character icon is a class icon and not the actual looks you customized when creating character? This has bothered me since the beginning, so when we got barbershop, I made my character look like the preset icon so it would match. Why even bother having character customization here? Other games, your personal icon looks like the character you created. Icon and character running around match. Here, your character running around looks nothing like your name icon.

Weird. I didnt realize the bnet SHOP had character customization, a baraber shop, icons. or even characters all!!! Good thing you posted about in the BATTLENET SHOP FEEDBACK forum where people can learn about the SHOP’S ability to customize characters and how the SHOP’S icons dont match. One thing, i cant seem to find any of this in the SHOP. Can you point me to it all.

My mistake. I was thinking I was posting to DI Feedback, not Shop feedback. I will remove my post and try to add it where it belongs.


You’ll want to head over to Reddit then:

Best of luck in your games.