Character 'frozen' in server transfer

I transferred a hunter from Mal’ganis to Illidan. The transfer completed and I logged onto the character on Illidan and got the UI all set back up. Then I get an e-mail from Blizard saying " We were unable to complete your recent purchase. The login screen shows the character on Illidan but I can not log in to it. And there is now no record in my order history of this transaction. I asked my financial institution about the charge and they say they approved it, had no problem on their end, and that blizzard reversed the charge after it had been approved. I filed a ticket, and got the response 12 hrs later that there was “a problem with the payment system” and that I should buy a physical Blizard balance card. I tried to add bliz balance from the bliz store but the same thing happened (the charges were approved, by two difefrent credit cards and then bliz reversed them). I did manage to get a card from amazon (they were happy to take my money lol) and redeemed it on my account where I now have a balance, and I need some GM to use that balance to clear the server transfer - please someone. Bottom line feedback here - there seems a significant problem with blizzards current payment system it is reversing transactions which were approved by the financial institutions. In the meantime . . . I missed a raid trial with a new guild :frowning: