Character Achievements Statistics Format Inconsistent

The top-level categories used to have an attribute called “statistics” but now it is called “categories” (which is more sensible). However inactive characters are still returning the data with the attribute called “statistics”, not the new attribute name of “categories”.

It seems that the Character Achievements Statistics format has been changed recently but some characters still return the old data format.
Maybe characters that have logged out recently have the new data format but characters last logged out before the change have the old data format?

I am trying to extract the “Mounts owned” statistic in the Character | Gear sub-category but I am finding that most of the guild has the old data format. Only recently active characters seem to have the new data format. I will have to put in some conditional coding as a work-around to allow for the 2 data formats returned.

Would be good if the data response can be made to use the “categories” attribute in all responses, to avoid confusion and avoid having to work-around the inconsistency.

i reported this a week ago no responce yet